Hot rolled bars


Ø20 mm – Ø180mm


• Most of engineering industries, be it automotive
• Textile
• Fabrication
• Construction
• Ship building
• Paper and pulp
• Heavy earth moving equipment or aerospace

Technical specification

Tolerance (mm): DIN EN 10060
Straightness (mm): 2
Ovality (mm): Max 75% u toleranciji
Length size (mm): 6.000 - 1.200
Tolerance ½ DIN EN 10060, it is possible to provide tight tolerance upon customer’s request.


In bundles, weight 5 tons max., with single banding by steel strap 0,8-1,0х32 mm in 6 places min. equally distributed over bundle. Each bundle is provided with 2 steel straps for multiple lifting. Upon agreement: wrapped polyfilm, textile straps.

Toplovaljane šipke

Toplovaljane šipke