Wire rod

Tecnical specification

Dimensions: Ø5,5 mm – Ø22mm

Tolerance (mm): DIN EN 10108 class A

Ovality (mm): max 80% of tolerance

Steel grades

Hot rolled round bars: Structural steel, spring steel, bearing steel, free-cutting steel

Valjana žica

for drawing, for ropes, for steel cord, for welding, for automotive industry, for chains, for springsfor bearings

Termička obrada

+A -soft annealing

+AC -spheroidizing annealing

+FC –annealing for ferrite pearlite microstructure


Option 1 – coil weight 1400-1800 kg.
Option 2 – coil weight 1800-2500 kg.

In coils with single banding by steel strap 0,8-1,0х32 mm or by wire rod 8.0 mm in 4 places min. equally distributed over coil. Outer diameter of a coil –1300 mm max., inner diameter – 820 mm min.

Toplovaljana čelična žica

Toplovaljana čelična žica