Quality control

Hot rolled round bars Ø20 – Ø80mm

Quality control of round bars is carried out by automated complex of non-destructive control that includes:
MAGNATEST-FOERSTER – control on correspondence to steel grade by magnetic inductive method (mixtest)
CIRСOFLUX-FOERSTER – control of surface defects magnetic dispersion method OLYMPUS – ultrasonic control of bars to identify internal and subsurface defects
«HI-GAUGE» control system (that is an optical system) for measuring of round bar dimension in the stream of the mill
«HI-GAUGE» system enables direct detection and identification of such parameters as dimensional drift out of tolerance, ovality

Hot rolled round bars Ø80 – Ø160 mm

The main equipment of the finishing line is UT unit for surface and internal defects that consists of 2 automated UT units checking bar continuity, namely “Wave-7-03” and “Wave-7-04”.
Min. depth of surely identifiable surface defects is 0.3 mm. Considering the peculiarity of the equipment, there areuntested areas on the bar, i.e. 150 mm (head of a bar) and 100 mm (tail of a bar).
This equipment controls internal defects according to GOST 22120-75, DIN EN 10228-3, DIN EN 10308, SEP 1921, SEP 1920.

Wire rod Ø5,5 - Ø22 mm

«HiTEST» technical control system for linear detection of rolling material surface defects without physical contact with material that is situated in the stream of the mill.
«HiTEST» system is specially worked out for detection of surface defects on rolling material, such as cracks, blowholes, blisters, residue of scale and lamination.